Saturday, January 5, 2008

Priest Lake Dog Sled Races

First, Happy New Year to everyone. It has been awhile since I have posted, and I do apologize. Life has been very busy and hectic, but I am hoping that now that the holidays are over, life will slow down a bit.

We have puppies! 2 weeks old now. I will be posting pictures as soon as they are getting around a bit better and their eyes are opened, so check back for puppy updates. Most are black and white, and pure white. I only have 1 gray and white one this time, which is unusual.

The Priest Lake annual dog sled races are coming up. They are the first weekend in February. The fun race (eliminations or trial races) are the weekend before. Here is a link with the dates and times of the races.

I will soon have some husky lampwork glass work suncatchers available. The glass artist is working on the husky design as I type. She sent me her first creation. It's adorable, but it is just the head. She wanted to perfect the head first, before making the complete project. Check back for progress reports on these as well.

That's all of the news for now. Happy mushing!