Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is almost here!

It was a hard winter here in no Idaho. Snow, snow and more snow. Our annual Priest Lake dog sled races were cancelled this year. The reason given was "TOO MUCH SNOW!" I was going to drive out and get some pictures but the weather was too foul for the trek. I had hoped the race would get rescheduled, but it snowed pretty much all of January and February without any let up. Too much snow was an understatment!

But March has finally arrived. It has only snowed 3 times so far this month, the last time being a week ago and it was a light dusting.... just a reminder that winter still isn't over, and the groundhog needs to be retired! Early spring? My A@#!!!!!!

But, it is warming up and spring is almost here. Yukon and Aleutia spent the past month snuggling up in the husky hotel (love shack,) and soon spring puppies will be here. I can finally see ground that I haven't seen since December. The moose is no longer camped out in my back yard. The last picture of our vistor showed why "she" decided to head in to town seeking food and shelter. She was eating for two.

I will post updates and pictures when the pups arrive so check back in a few weeks. If you are interested in a pup contact me by sending an email.

I hope everyone is enjoying good weather. Have a happy spring and happy Easter to all.