Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 2010 Updates!

Need a good home! Recently we took in two Siberian Huskies, age 3. These dogs were sired by Yukon's Son, Demon.
Their owner enlisted in the Armed Forces and has left for basic training. He couldn't take his dogs with him. They are beautiful AKC registered huskies. Their names are Sonic and Misty.
Misty is a pure white female (spayed.) Sonic is a black and white (neutered) male.
The two have been together since the day they were born and are bonded. We are looking for a good home who can take them both and give them the love and attention that they deserve.

They are currently at my Son's house in Sandpoint, ID. He keeps promising me to send me pictures. As soon as he does I will upload them to the blog.

If you are looking for loving pets with good solid bloodlines these would be excellent dogs for you. If interested please email me at

Latest news Flash!!!!! It is still too soon to tell but we are hoping for a spring litter of pups. Keela and Yukon are the (hopefully) sire and dam. The pups would be born mid March and be ready to go in May. You can check back for updates on the pup prognosis in a couple of weeks.

As always we thank you for your interest in our Siberian Huskies.

Yukie and the gang