Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RIP Yukon and Aleutia.

It's with a heavy heart that have to share the news that Aleutia and Yukon have gone to the "Happy Hunting Ground," as my Brother Al calls it.  I call it the Rainbow Bridge.

Aleutia died very suddenly and without warning on November 10th, 2013.  She had a massive tumor that was not visible and she showed no signs of sickness or illness so it went undetected.  It ruptured and she was bleeding internally.  I had to carry her into the vets office. There was no saving her. I bawled for days because Aleutia was my bud!  She went every where with me.  Yukon bawled too and he slipped into a deep depression.  He would not eat or come out of his dog house.  He had lost both of his girls and he was lost.  Yukon died 10 days later on November 20th.

RIP my big beautiful boy and my best bud Aleutia.  You will be forever missed and never forgotten.