Friday, March 3, 2006

Eight Below Movie Review

Today I went to the afternoon matinee and saw Eight Below. If you liked Snow Dogs, you will love Eight Below. Snow Dogs was an adventure/comedy movie. Eight Below is based upon a true story of a fight for survival for team of huskies left behind to fend for themselves in the brutal elements of the Antartic. You will see familiar Husky faces, as some of the Snow Dogs were also stars in Eight Below, but their names are different.

The movie has it sad moments, and of course I cried during those. You see first hand the immense loyalty and love the dogs display, for both their human caretakers, and the others of their pack.

This movie is a must see for anyone who loves huskies, or dogs, for that matter. It is a Disney movie so it is great for the entire family.

I can attest that the behavior of these dogs display on screen is very much how the Huskies act when you have a pack of them. If one dog is sick the dogs all tend to it. If one doesn't eat, none will eat. Huskies have a very strong bond and it is like none I have ever seen in a dog.

I came home and hugged each and every one of my huskies after I left the theatre. The movie reaffirmed why I love them as I do. Huskies are magnificent and wonderful animals.... almost human at times.

As I said, if you like huskies you have gotta see the movie.


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