Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Just Introducing Myself

Well, first let me say that I am new to this blogging stuff. I added a "blog" to my website, but it is pretty limited. I do not have the ability to upload pictures of the huskies to it..... so? What good is that? I know, add a photo slide show to the site. Well I did that too, but I would like to have everything right at my fingertips, you know? Not a button for this, a button for that.... so I was routed here by "Picasa," (great program, by the way,) when I wanted to upload my slide show. Wa-la, here me and the dogs are, so I will give it a test drive. My site is

Happy mushing all.... but I still can't wait til spring thaw arrives! We are trying to stay high and dry here in Northern California. Will the rains ever stop????? Yikes!

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