Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One Happy Diesel Dog!!!!!!

Well, today was a sad, but happy day at Windtalker's. Diesel set off on a new adventure. He went to his new home with Judyth and Jennifer. There he is the "Top Dawg," well second to Sassy his new girlfriend, who keeps him in line. I checked in on him this evening and he and his new flame were romping around the yard and jumping in and out of their puppy pool. Sounds like puppy love to me. With Diesel went two of our puppies from the last litter, so Diesel will have his own husky pack. He no longer has to fight with Dad, who always let him know who was "king of the hill." I am happy for Diesel...... but still sad to see a loved one leave our pack. Diesel is giving Jennifer big puppy kisses.

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