Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's been a crazy summer!

It's sure been a busy and crazy summer! Aleutia had her litter of puppies. All are gone now. I traded one of the pups to Jen who has little Diesel and got one of Diesel's and Sassy's pups. Chloe has more energy than she knows what to do with and loves going for rides. She knows that usually means a trip through Mc Donalds and she gets doggie patties.

Yukon has been a busy (and happy) boy. He was studded out and had two additional girlfriends, (Wanda and Molly,) during July. Well having the two other females visiting while in heat brought Keela in to heat early. Yukon loves Keela and he was happy about that but I had other ideas. I didn't want Keela to have another litter until Spring so I brought her inside the house. Yukon cried and carried and you would have thought he was dying. I figured he would have gotten worn out from the other two girls, but not so. That big ol' horn dog.

Everything has pretty much settled back down around here. It is now raining on and off and fall is starting to settle in. Chloe spent one day (and night) outside with the big dogs. She had fun playing with Aleutia and romping around in the doggie wading pool, but once it started raining she decided being outside was not fun any more. I brought her back in and dried her off, and built her a fire to warm up and dry off by. She bailed into bed with me and wanted to snuggle and stay close. She isn't whining to get back out there with the big dawgs any more. I guess she had her fill for awhile.

That's about all that's new here in the North Country. I will report back when I have more husky news. I hope everyone enjoyed their summers.

Happy Fall Y'all.


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